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The building industry has a hugely significant environmental footprint in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, disruption of natural systems and increased waste stream. As an architecture firm, we are keenly aware of our responsibility to rethink how we will inhabit this earth.

ARCOLUTION is committed to becoming the change we desire to see in the built environment in three ways: first, by setting an example as a business firm in the choices we make in our work environment; second, by encouraging environmental awareness, conservation and reduction of our personal carbon footprints; and third, by becoming educators to our clients and promoting the most energy efficient solutions for each project. ARCOLUTION has committed as a firm to offset our carbon footprint through Carbonfund.org, and encourages all of our clients to offset the carbon footprint of their projects.

Carbonfund.org helps individuals CF Partner 2013 and businesses understand climate change and develop practical and cost-effective solutions to slow, stop and reduce our climate crisis by reducing our carbonfootprint, and offsetting the rest through Carbonfund.org’s carbon offset projects.

One by one we can move a stone, but when we work together we can move mountains. That is why we choose to partner with Carbonfund.org – to make our impact that much more effective.

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